Adaptive light

HOASYS Adaptive Light is a light projector developed for photo-addressing and intelligent lighting.

Adaptive Light is customizable in terms of light wavelength and working focal distance.

Spatial resolution of 20 microns over 25 mm of output spot-size. 

A dedicated software is provided to control the shape of light and its intensity. 

Adaptive Light


  • Photo-addressing
  • photo-polymerization, photo-bleaching
  • microscopy
  • intelligent lighting
  • interferometry
  • metrology

Technical Details

Adaptive Light is provided with the control software LIGHTSHAPE.

Adaptive Light has four configuration parameters:

  1. Led: LED or LASER (diode laser)
  2. Wave: Light Wavelength in nm
  3. Power: Light output power in mW
  4. Focus: working distance in cm
Order Reference: ADLIGHT_Led_Wave_Power_Focus.

ex: ADLIGHT_LED_470_6_8 -> LED at 470nm, 6mW and 8 cm working distance