Holographic Adaptive Systems


manufacturing optical innovation

About us

HOASYS SAS is a company creating innovation with cutting edge knowledge in optics, interferometry and electro-optic devices. 
In HOASYS premises in France the innovative products are studied, developed, engineered and tested.

The founders of HOASYS have a very long experience in academic and industrial research, they are active members of the most 
prestigious organizations in optics, photonics and engineering like SFO, OSA, SPIE, IEEE and healthcare societies like ARVO. 

HOASYS R&D are partially supported by BPI France in the DeepTech program. 


HOASYS laboratory is fully equipped with experimental components and opto-electronics devices and all the instrumentation for fabrication, characterization and testing of the products.


HOASYS studies, produces, makes characterization and commercializes “turn-key” optical components and systems. Together with the customer, HOASYS selects the best solution from its portfolio or creates some custom based solution in order to address the customer needs.


Optics and Interferometry, Optical Fibers, Liquid Crystals Spatial light modulators, imaging and hyper spectral imaging, medical diagnostic devices.


HOASYS  realizes and sells innovative  Optical Systems helping  

the industry and medicine customers making  a true and cost effective technological step forward 


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