Custom Liquid crystals components

HOASYS manufactures electro-optical components, based on organic materials, especially liquid crystals.

The high birefringence of liquid crystal layers allows controlling light properties (phase, intensity and polarization) under electrical and/or optical driving and with low energy consumption.

The driving electronics is embedded in our electro-optical components, which are controlled by using a standard USB connection.

For OEM applications or for research laboratories, HOASYS electro-optical components can be fiber-coupled if requested.

Custom Liquid Crystals Components


  • laser industry
  • illumination
  • microscopy
  • spectrometry



Reflection upon request

  • 330 – 750 nm
  • 1030 – 1590 nm

contact us for SWIR wavelength

Large clear area, up to 8×8 cm2

Thickness of the Liquid Crystals layer customizable in the range of: 

  • 3 – 250 microns.

Response time depends on the geometry of the device.

  • few milliseconds for standard LC layers (< 15 μm thickness)
  • 10 – 100 ms for thicker LC layers (< 50 μm)
  • > 500 ms for very larger thickness (> 100 μm)

Electronic controller embedded. 

Battery power supply also embedded on request.  

Different types of LCs are available

  • Nematics
  • Cholesterics
  • Dye doped nematics and cholesterics

if you are interested in others exotic LC phases, contact us

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