Liquid crystals
light valve

HOASYS Liquid Crystals Light Valves (LCLV) are optically addressable spatial light modulators. No preimposed pixelized structure permits to avoid diffraction losses and transparent electrodes are optimized to avoid  thermal effects.

HOASYS LCLVs are custom based solutions in order to address customer needs.


Liquid Crystals Light Valve


  • reconfigurable phase masks
  • reconfigurable intensity masks
  • reconfigurable polarization masks
  • laser industry
  • microscopy
  • holography 
  • vibrometry 
  • optical sensors 
  • multimode telecoms 
  • wavelength conversion and detectors 

Technical details

HOASYS LCLV is provided with instructions to be used with conventional computers (software is provided with the product).

Spectral range of operations :

  • 0.440 – 0.590 μm
  • 0.780  – 1.650 μm

Transmission mode

Reflection mode upon request

up to 4.5×4.5 cm2

Depending on the Liquid Crystals layer thickness

Tens of milliseconds for thinner (3-9 μm) Liquid Crystals layers.


Depends on the geometry of the LCLV

For thin LC layer (< 9 μm) spatial resolution of 80 LP/mm

Electronic Controller embedded

Low power consumption (<3W)

Battery power supply embedded on request  

Optical addressing embedded on request

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