Modular Hyperspectral Camera

The HOASYS Modular Hyperspectral Camera, HyperEYE,  is a plug & play imaging and analysis technology applicable to different kind of instrumentation and systems as microscopes, telescopes, fundus cameras, video surveillance cameras.

It performs spectral analysis of multiple regions of a scene moving arbitrarily in any directions.

The entire analysis process is done in a automated way, the user simply configures the regions of interest of the scene with a provided software application.

It is modular because it can be upgraded with additional kind of investigation, for example Raman analysis or it can be used in a special light/laser projection system.

Modular Hyperspectral Camera


  • imaging and hyper-spectral imaging
  • raman imaging
  • microscopy
  • ophthalmology
  • illumination


Acquires only data the user or scientist really needs without wasting computational power and system resources:

  • NO junk data
  • ONLY interesting data is managed
  • OPTIONAL: can be easily extended or modified in order to perform other kind of measurements

Selected ROIs (Region Of Interest) are acquired and analysed:

  • Fast acquisition time – COMFORT for the patient making exams
  • Fast elaboration time – COMFORT for the operator and data management

The smart and high integrated optical configuration of HyperEYE permits the reduction of the costs, creating a really applicable product for the market

The core technologies in HyperEYE is protected by a CNRS patent and HOASYS have the exclusive freedom to apply this technology into the market

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